Tri-County Services

Adult MH Services Frequently Asked Questions

What programs are offered by Tri-County Services for Adult Mental Health consumers?

Tri-County Services offers referrals to various community programs, Case Management services, Medication services, and, dependent on eligibility and need: Crisis, Adult Rehabilitation, Supported Housing, Supported Employment, and Substance Abuse services.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call the appropriate office and ask to schedule an appointment. If this is for intake please identify the appointment as such.

Montgomery County, Intake (First Visit) Appointments: 936-521-6400
Montgomery County, Routine (Current Consumer) Appointments: 936-521-6300
Walker County: 936-291-5800
Cleveland: 281-432-3000
Liberty: 936-334-3299

What is the intake process after I have made an appointment?

You will meet with one of our staff to determine eligibility for services. Please bring Photo ID, your Social Security card, proof of residency (utility bill), a wage detail or check stub, and proof of insurance if you have insurance.

Based on the outcome of the appointment you will be offered services, placed on our waiting list, or referred to outside providers.

How do I get to Tri-County Services?

Please call and ask to schedule an intake appointment.

Montgomery County: 936-521-6300
Walker County: 936-291-5800
Cleveland: 281-432-3000
Liberty: 936-334-3299

What are the side effects of the medications I have been prescribed?

All medications have potential side effects. Since each medications and their effect on a client are different, the side effects will be discussed by the medical staff when the medication is prescribed.

What is the Crisis line number?


What is my caseworker’s contact information?

Please contact us and our staff will transfer you to your case manager.

Montgomery County: 936-521-6300
Walker County: 936-291-5800
Cleveland: 281-432-3000
Liberty: 936-334-3299

Does Tri-County provide referrals to alcohol/drug rehab programs?

Yes, please see our Substance Abuse program for more information. You can use the following link to access the site:

Is family counseling available?

Tri-County does not currently offer family counseling. Please discuss your desire for counseling with your case manager for referrals.

Does Tri-County assist with medication costs?

Tri-County is able to assist with some medication costs for our consumers. Please contact our pharmacy for more information: 936-521-6322

Are there resources to help me pay my bills if I fall behind?

Yes, please contact your case manager for a list of available services.

Does Tri-County offer transportation services to appointments and to pick up medications?

Tri-County is not currently able to offer transportation services to appointments. Please discuss your need for transportation assistance with your case manager for referrals.

Is there a program to assist me in applying for disability? 

Yes! You must be a current consumer and your case manager or the financial counselor can refer you. You can also call our front desk and ask to speak with our consumer benefits consultants. 

What information would I need to provide to apply for a disability screening at Tri-County Services?

Six months worth of consistent treatment history, documentation of work history for last 2 years, current income, & diagnosis. Other information may be requested by the consumer benefits consultant. 

Is there a program at Tri-County that can help me find and/or maintain employment?

Ask your Case Manager about our Supported Employment program to see if you are eligible.

What is a Mental Health Warrant?

It is a warrant which authorizes police to take an individual who is suffering from a mental illness or is at risk of harm to themselves or others into custody. More information about Mental Health Warrants can be found at:

Tri-County offers voluntary treatment for those in crisis. Please visit our CRU/CSU  information page or call our crisis line at 800.659.6994

Is there a program at Tri-County that can assist me in finding housing? 

Please speak with your case manager about our TBRA housing program.