Tri-County Services

Housing FAQs

How much is the rent?

Rent amounts are based upon the resident's income, typically 30% of the annual adjusted income.

Who qualifies for housing?

Selection criteria are based upon HUD standards for qualification of Section 811 properties. We are a subsidized housing community for persons with verifiable chronic mental illness. More information can be found at

How long is the waiting list?

The waiting list usually has between 35-50 names on it. It is impossible to predict the length of time it will take for a name to reach the top of the waiting list because there is no way to predict when someone will vacate. The average rate of move out is one per year but there have been as many as three in one year.

I am homeless. Can I be moved up on the waiting list?

The HUD Section 811 program does not allow emergency housing.

Can students live on the property?

Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements may be approved for housing.

If I have involvement with the criminal justice system, can I qualify?

Most felony offenses are reason for automatic denial of HUD assistance. All criminal offenses are reviewed and approved/denied on a case by case basis.

I want a two bedroom apartment because I have family members who will sometimes stay with me. Will this be okay?

HUD’s occupancy standards for housing are based upon the number of persons on the lease only.

Are children allowed to live there?

Yes. Any eligible family can be approved for housing regardless of familial status.

My child has a mental illness. Do I qualify?

No. The head of household of the qualifying family must be at least 18 years of age and meet eligibility criteria for housing.

Do you offer assisted living?

No. Independence Village and Independence Place are not an assisted living facility but residents are allowed to obtain assistance through outside sources to meet their individual needs.

Can I add someone to my lease after I move in?

Additions to the lease are determined under HUD policy which is usually limited to a spouse (if approved by screening), the birth or adoption of a child, or a verifiable need of a live-in aide.

How many months is the lease agreement?

The initial lease is a 12-month non-binding lease which means the resident may terminate lease at any time. However, failure to give a 30-day notice prior to vacating will forfeit the return of the security deposit and rent can be charged up to 30 days or until the unit is re-rented.