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Independence Village

Independence Village Apartments, located in Huntsville, opened in November 2005.

Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare is committed to permanent supportive housing programs for persons with disabilities.  Tri-County applied for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant to provide housing for persons with disabilities. The grant for the construction of Independence Village in Huntsville was approved by HUD and the apartments were opened November 2005. Tri-County formed Independence Communities, Incorporated, a 501C3 which owns the project.  ICI is a component unit of the Tri-County Board of Trustees, but has full control of operations at Independence Village.

Independence Village is permanent supported housing for persons with disabilities.  Support for the residents of Independence Place is provided by project management and Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare staff.   

Independence Village is managed by McDougal Property Management under contract with the Independence Communities Incorporated Board.   

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Independence Village Application Packet

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