Tri-County Services


Tri-County is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. The purpose of Tri-County’s EEO policy is to avoid discrimination and extend equal employment opportunities to all applicants for employment and to all employees on the basis of individual merit and qualifications. It is the policy of Tri-County to provide equal opportunity in recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, demotion and discharge, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical disability, pregnancy or related medical conditions. All employees of Tri-County Services are hired to serve at the pleasure of Tri-County and are employees “at will” as that term is known in Texas law.

Nothing in this Employee Information booklet, the policies and procedures, or in any other Tri-County manuals or documents, shall be interpreted as implying an employment contract or agreement exists between Tri-County and any employee. This hiring policy is designed to give the employee and Tri-County the opportunity to determine if the employee-employer relationship is going to be a positive and productive one for both parties. A hard copy of the policies and procedures is available in the Human Resource Services Department. If employees have questions regarding any policies or procedures, they should contact their supervisor or the Human Resource Services Department for assistance.

Tri-County Services completes a criminal history background check as well as an Employee Misconduct Registry, Nurse’s Registry and driver’s license verification check on all prospective employees. Employees are required to provide a copy of their current auto liability insurance and driver’s license on the date that they sign up for employment and the day before the expiration of their insurance and or driver’s license. Failure to do so will result in suspension without pay and possible termination. An annual driver’s license verification is completed on all employees to determine continued insurability.

All new employees are required to pass a drug screen and a physical agility test based upon the job description for their position before their employment begins. Tri-County has a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace policy that allows drug and alcohol testing for reasonable suspicion and post-accident incidents. Tri-County is a tobacco free workplace.