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March 20, 2018: Tri-County is now accepting public comment on the 2018 Local Provider Network Development Plan (LPND) for the next 30 days. Public comment may be submitted to PNDQuestions@tcbhc.orgor by contacting Tanya Bryant at

 Draft 2018 LPND Plan


Clinical Mental Health Contracted Providers

  • Avail Solutions, Crisis Hotline and Screening
  • Cypress Creek Hospital, Psychiatric Inpatient Services
  • Kingwood Pines Hospital, Psychiatric Inpatient Services
  • Aspire Behavioral Health Hospital, Psychiatric Inpatient Services
  • Mahjeswar Prabhu, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Bharath Raj, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Shama Rasheed, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Hilary Akpudo, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Frank Chen, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Marshall Lucas, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Jerri Sethna, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • Fernando Torres, Psychiatric Inpatient Svcs.
  • J&D Personal Care Home, Assisted Living Facility
  • Melody Ann Archer, Dietician Services
  • Nightingale Interpreting Services
  • Richard McMillan, Pharmacy Consultation
  • Urgent Clinics Medical Center, H&P and X-Ray Services
  • Greater Texas Critical Care EMS, Transportation Services
  • Lisa Maddux - Shirley White Child Development Center - Respite out of Home: Licensed Child Care Center
  • Kathryn Kuharsky Moore, Animal Assisted Therapy
  • RecessAbility, Inc, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Animal Therapy, Music Therapy and Recreational Therapy
  • Dr. Lendell Braud, Community Living Supports
  • Sherri Clement, Animal-Assisted Therapy and Art Therapy
  • Lindsey Graham, In-Home Respite 


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